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Sand animation video clips are also perfect choice for parties, banquets, product launches, company events, gratitude parties, wedding/openning/closing ceremonies, gatherings, press conferences and arts festivals, etc.

How to charge

A video clip which consists five finished sand pictures and the respective drawing process costs $300. $50 foreach additional picture. 
5 Steps of Service
Offering materials, and decide how many pictures you need.
Pictures designing, and pictures will be reviewed by you via email.
Receiving comments from you and amendments will be made until to your satisfaction.
Step 4
The deposit of the payment will be made (through paypal)when the script pictures are confirmed .We will send you the sample video then.
 The balance of the payment will be paid when you are satified with the sample video. The payment will be made via paypal. Choose balance of payment. The finished video will be sent to your through email. If you have any suggestions or ideas to the video, you are free to tell us.
PS:Please note that the price of the video is US dollar. If you don't have a paypal account,or you are not able to make an online payment, we will send you an email through paypal and you may do the payment according to the guidance in it. You may use the following currency:
China Yuan、baht、dollar、krone、shekel、Canadian Dollar、forint、peso、EUR、REAL、Swiss franc、krone、koruna、New TaiWan Dollar、Singapore Dollar、Japanese yen 、New Zealand dollar、Polish złoty、Hong Kong Dollar 、Australian Dollar、krona、Great Britain Pound、peso  
What is a sand picture?
A sand picture is an image created by the sand artist. The video clip also contains the creating process of the sand picture.
What is the form of the sand animation video clips?
Any regular video form.
What is the definition of the video clips?
What is the video demo? Why can’t I pay the rest 50% after I get the finished video?
The only difference between the demo and the finished video is that the demo is for you to review and contains watermark.

Description of Sand Animation ClipsService

1.       The contents of the animation clips are based on the materials you offered. Each work you get is completely unique.
2.       We would love to add logos, subtitles, BGMs to your animation clips for free if they are provided.
3.       With provided sound clips, we can also offer the service of dubbing. Dubbing cost: $50.
4.       Time needed: 7-10 works days or more.



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